The Travel Bible

1.  It feels bad to overpay…

It is far easier to overlook shortcomings on a “deal” than it is to forgive expensive ones.  Price and value go hand in hand with different expectations for a $250 room V/S a $950 room…you get the picture.

2.  We can’t always wear ball gowns and tuxedos…

We review luxury, but there are definitely experiences worth a stop.  Don’t worry, we’ve got you covered!

3.  We all make mistakes…

We’re human, mistakes happen, we get it.  When service goes wrong, we notice, but when recovery goes right – WE REALLY NOTICE!

4.  The Renée Review

My travel blog –

In the works – an algorithm to award a 1-3 suitcase rating for execution, service and presentation, commensurate with price-value, using a list of objective criteria.  In the end, it will reflect the following:

 – Truly Memorable
 – Exceeds Expectations
 – Meets Expectations

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